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Madera Tree Family
Oil on Canvas  30"x 48"
Mary's Rock
Oil On Canvas, 22" x 28"
Mt. Ararat
Oil on Canvas    36"x 48"
My Dream House
Oil on Canvas  30"x 36"
My Dream House
Oil on Canvas  30"x 36"
No Swimming Area
Oil On Canvas, 30" x 48"
Ocean No. 001
Oil on Canvas, 22" x 30"
Ocean No.002
Oil on Canvas   18"x 24"
Pacific Ocean
Oil on Canvas   30"x 48"
Queen Isabella Of Portugal
Oil on Canvas 48"X 72"
Rainbow Bridge
Oil on Canvas 24"x 36"
Road to Golden Gate Bridge
Oil on Canvas   20"x 30"
Road to Shaver Lake
Oil on Canvas, "18 x 36"
Rocks near the Sea
Oil on Canvas   36"x 48"
Rocky chore
Oil on Canvas 36"x 48"
Rocky Ocean
Oil on Canvas, 48" x 60"
Russian Vallage
oil on canvase 48"x30"
Ship and Waves
Oil on Canvas  24"x 30"
Ships near and Far
Oil on Canvas  24"x 30"
Sinking Ship
Oil on Canvas 20"x 34"
Sinking Ship
Oil on Canvas   20"x 34"
Small Town
Oil on Canvas  18" x 36"
Stormy Ocean
Oil on Canvas, 48"x 72"
Sunlight on the Rock
Oil on Canvas   28"x 36"
The Waves of Pacific Ocean
Oil on Canvas  18"x 22"
The Annunciation
Oil on Canvas 38"x 48"
The Arches of Stanford University
Oil on Canvas, 24"x28"
The Bended Palms
Oil on Canvas 24"x 30"
The Black Tree
Oil on Canvas  22"x 30"
The Black Vase
Oil on Canvas, 24"x36"

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